sometimes, or i sould say always,
i am so easily trapped in memories, and nostalgia.
whenever i experience a wonderful time,
i start to miss it right in the next moment.

i remember long time ago when someone read my blog,
he said he felt like running into Alice's wonderland;
i thought it as a compliment.
i know there is always a wonderland in my mind, where i store every happy memory.
i carefully protect them -- those moments that will never come back;
the articles are the pieces of my utopia, you may say.

right now, an unknown moment again,
a turning point,
i'm going to finish my NYC life very soon.
i'm leaving this country
which i'm finally getting used to;
so familiar and so far away.


or you may say peter pan, instead of alice.
i have been sleeping and wondering in my wonderland for so long.
everything in taipei becomes allure,
and beautiful -- because they are in my memory.
what will i see when i really come back?
how should i fit in the new life?
do i really learn enough and become brilliant enough?

i think the mickey mouse makes me a little bit melancholy.
maybe i just figure out that the orlando vacation was too happy
and i missed disney too much.

the only thing i remember about learing to play piano,
is the poetic names of the songs.
kind of like this title,
"the a little bit sad impromptu",
which i think goes well with my heart in this moment.

why am i writing in english?
since this is an impromtu,
there is just no reason for everything, you know.

(註: impromptu = 即興曲)

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